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The Wonder Dome

This website serves as a tiny, little source of information about a specific tiny, little server sitting in a tiny, little house nestled in a tiny, little suburb of Charlotte, NC, USA, Earth.

You can see this site at: https://www.wonderdome.net/


  • Requires: git, Node, Gulp, and a static web server (we recommend nginx).

  • Clone from the git repo:

git clone https://git.itsericwoodward.com/eric/wonderdome-site.git wonderdome
  • Go into the directory for the site:
cd wonderdome
  • Install the required NPM libraries:
npm install
  • Put the site's base URI in a file called base_uri (or copy the supplied one, based on your chosen environment):
cp base_uri.production base_uri
  • Build the site
gulp build
  • The build command will output to the www directory.

  • Point the web server to the www directory.

  • Share and enjoy!