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Eric Woodward 7477733589
UPDATED to v0.4.0.
2018-10-25 17:31:03 -04:00
Eric Woodward 77e8add309 UPDATED bin paths to node.
UPDATED to v0.3.1.
2018-07-02 23:24:50 +00:00
Eric Woodward 0f1b458806 REMOVED unneeded minification support.
REMOVED unneeded favicon support.
REMOVED extra broken template.
UPDATED to use fewer libraries.
UPDATED to v0.3.0.
2018-07-02 19:21:42 -04:00
Eric Woodward 366fdfdd88 ADDED license and readme.
DELETED package-lock.json.
UPDATED todo file.
2018-02-18 14:38:00 -05:00
Eric Woodward 734da44475 FIXED random card link underline.
UPDATED to v0.2.4.
2018-01-27 10:07:24 -05:00
Eric Woodward c71ce31b92 FIXED random card title.
FIXED page header spacing.
UPDATED to v0.2.3.
2018-01-27 10:03:26 -05:00
Eric Woodward 91b0b1f2df FIXED random reload link to work behind static cache.
UPDATED padding on random card.
UPDATED to v0.2.2.
2018-01-27 09:49:04 -05:00
Eric Woodward 5ca57a3189 UPDATED padding on page header (h2).
UPDATED logging parameters to remove redunant info.
UPDATED to v0.2.1.
2018-01-27 09:36:53 -05:00
Eric Woodward 4e8cf1bf95 ADDED random card to index page.
UPDATED thumbnail images to optimize appearance.
FIXED missing thumbnail images for demo cards.
DELETED mistakenly generated thumbnail images.
UPDATED page layouts.
ADDED links to full size demo cards.
ADDED link to demo set.
FIXED header link.
FIXED credit for Arena of Eternity.
UPDATED preview images to be links to card info.
UPDATED logging to try and catch useful info.
ADDED "tap" verbiage.
UPDATED to v0.2.0.
2018-01-27 09:28:09 -05:00
Eric Woodward 0f605db8fa ADDED card sorting.
ADDED pantheon to each card (duplicate of culture).
ADDED demo cards.
ADDED wikipedia links to most entries.
ADDED Lovecraft Wikia links to all Cthulhu cards.
UPDATED to 0.1.6.
2018-01-18 20:10:49 -05:00
Eric Woodward 1979bd4f97 UPDATED copyrights to 2018.
UPDATED to v0.1.5.
2018-01-10 22:08:50 -05:00
Eric Woodward d2f4a663e3 ADDED support for compression.
FIXED failing bug from prev versions.

UPDATED to v0.1.4.
2018-01-10 22:04:52 -05:00
Eric Woodward 2c6e502de2 UPDATED copyrights in JS & CSS files.
ADDED minify & compression support.
FIXED bug w/ missing release data.
UPDATED to v0.1.3
2018-01-10 21:57:18 -05:00
Eric Woodward bef6e33c79 FIXED issue with git differences.
UPDATED .gitignore to include package-lock.json.

UPDATED to v0.1.2.
2018-01-07 22:23:54 -05:00
Eric Woodward 2fa3379df0 Merge branch 'master' of /home/sysop/git/mwg-codex 2018-01-07 22:21:50 -05:00
Eric Woodward 3f948c9c20 ADDED 404 page.
UPDATED to v0.1.1.
2018-01-07 22:20:06 -05:00
Eric Woodward 096e3b8404 just in case 2018-01-07 22:18:15 -05:00
Eric Woodward dd8b21bdc8 ADDED 404 page.
UPDATED to v0.1.1.
2018-01-07 22:06:06 -05:00
Eric Woodward f4df7112e3 UPDATED to run on port 8320 (on the server).
UPDATED to v0.1.0.
2018-01-07 21:18:30 -05:00
Eric Woodward f9a65c10b8 Initial commit. 2018-01-07 19:12:11 -05:00