This repo contains the code to build my main websites ( and using Gulp.
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As a self-professed serial enthusiast, I often go on tangents of research about very specific topics. When the topic is somewhat obscure or "retro", I usually find myself wading through pages and pages of Google search results that go to dead links or inactive sites (or, even worse, straight-out bad information). When that happens, I'll often collect a page of the good links, tack a date on the top (indicating when I last checked the links), and file them away as LinkLists.

Some of the ones I've posted here:

  • Free Game Deveopment Resources - A collection of free assets to use while designing games (digital or analog).
  • MUCK Stuff - I briefly got into multi-user text gaming, and compiled these links while I was attempting to figure it out.
  • Public Domain Comic Book Resources - Recently, I've discovered a treasure-trove of fantastic, completely-free images, hidden in the comic books of the 40s and 50s.
  • Web and JavaScript Game Design Tutorials - Inspired by a request from my nephew, who wishes to learn the dark arts of coding. More power to him (and to anyone else who wants to use the links).