This repo contains the code for The Codex Mythica, a database of all of the cards released for the Mythic Wars card game, written in NodeJS (using the Express 4 library).
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<% if (typeof card !== 'undefined' && typeof random_num !== 'undefined') { %>
<a href="/cards/<%= card.num.toLowerCase() %>"
class="randomLink" title="Tap or click to learn about <%= %>'s card!">
<h3 class="randomLink-title">Random&nbsp;Card: <></h3>
src="/images/thumb/<%= card.num.toLowerCase() %>_<%= card.name_ang %>.jpg"
alt="Card image for <>"
class="card-image" />
<span class="randomLink-wrapper">
Tap or click to learn more
<p class="randomWrapper">
<a href="/?r<%=random_num%>">&#x21bb; reload the page for a different card.</a>
<% } %>